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Why Choose Chiropractic Care?

Why Choose Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is the method of natural healing most chosen by those seeking complementary/alternative health care for acute and chronic ailments.

While you may first visit a chiropractor to relieve pain in the lower back or to treat sciatica, neck pain, whiplash or head ache, you’ll discover that a chiropractor views you as a whole man and not the sum of your parts. A chiropractor will work in partnership with you to ensure your optimum health and wellness.

Activates your body’s ability to heal

Chiropractors understand that many factors affect your health, including exercise, nutrition, sleep, environment and heredity. Chiropractic focuses on preserving your well-being naturally to help your body resist disease, as opposed to just treating the symptoms of disease.

Starts with a thorough assessment

fuquay-back-massage-therapyWhen you visit a Doctor of Chiropractic, you’ll be evaluated using time honored approaches, including consultation, case history, physical examination, laboratory analysis and X ray assessment. Additionally , you will receive a careful chiropractic structural examination, with particular attention paid to the back.

Requires no drugs or operation

A broad variety of techniques are used to find, analyze and softly correct vertebral misalignments (subluxations) in the spine. Chiropractors may use manual adaptation, electrical muscular stimulation, ultrasound or massage. But they never use pharmaceutical drugs or invasive surgery. Chiropractic care is a natural method of healing that stimulates the body’s communication system to work more effectively to start, control and coordinate the various functions of the cells, organs and systems of the human body, benefiting your general well-being.

Partners with other healthcare professionals

Doctors of chiropractic work in tandem with other healthcare professionals. If your condition demands attention from another branch of the health care profession, that recommendation or referral will be made. For the best chiropractic services in Cary NC call Preston Family Chiropractic, today!